Your parking lot is the first thing customers and clients see.  At Surmeier & Surmeier, we deliver asphalt lots that sustain the hardest of weather, materials and traffic and leave a lasting impression.  Improve the value and look of your business with our asphalt.


Concrete flatwork is more than just pouring and finishing concrete as it is often viewed.  It is about evaluating every aspect of your job and installing it correctly.  We have the ability to place, consolidate, finish, edge, joint, cure and protect your concrete flatwork.


A foundation is necessary to support the building and the loads that are within or on the building. With the careful combination of footing and foundation, we distribute the load on the bearing surface and keep the building level and plumb and reduce settling.


We have a variety of possibilities for your sidewalks. Whether you are in need of replacing your existing or needing a new sidewalk, our designs will make a noticeable impression with a decorative concrete entrance.  We believe in walkways that are versatile, durable and will be built to last.


We offer a wide selection of decorative stamped and colored asphalt to achieve a desired look.  Using patterns like bricks, stones, slate and wood planks can be combined with colors to create a work of art and enhance the look and appeal of your business.


The appearance of a business parking lot says a lot about the business.  That is why we provide the highest quality pavement markings for parking lots and commercial roadways.  Our fast drying traffic paint is user friendly and is formulated specifically for you.


We offer earthwork services to move or process parts of the earth’s surface involving quantities of soil or unformed rock.  We can moved the earth to another location and form it into a desired shape for whatever your purpose may be.


Our attention to detail and conscientious installation practices help us to create the foundation for beautiful and efficient places to work.  Whether you’ve found your favorite destination amidst the trees or just desire privacy, we have the means to build your rock road.


We provide options for both tennis courts and tracks.  From renovation to resurfacing or repair, we have the experience and expertise to create your own unique and individual tennis court or track.

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